Ulakbilge - Sosyal Bilimler Dergisi
Cilt 10, Sayı 68  2022/1  (ISSN: 2148-0451, E-ISSN: )
Zülali Mine NAZ, Nursan KORUCU TAŞOVA

NO Makale Adı

Graphic design is a discipline within the graphic arts that includes visual and communication elements. Graphic design education; In the historical development process of graphic design, it is one of the fields of art education focused on raising qualified individuals who have adopted the graphic design rules and understanding of art. The general purpose of this research; The aim of this study is to investigate whether the Computer Aided Graphic Design (BDGT course, which is a course in graphic design education and is given in vocational high schools today, is at a sufficient level for graduate students, according to the situations and opinions of graduates during their employment. Today, for many high school students studying Graphic Design, the (BDGT) course is of professional importance. After graduation, the level of color and typography knowledge faced by students causes inadequacies and some problems in terms of finding a job and using their knowledge in the current workplace. This is important for this research. In this study; Among the basic principles of Graphic Design, the place of color and typography subjects (BDGT) in the course, the course curriculum, the duration of the subjects in the curriculum, and the adequacy of the subjects in the curriculum were examined. Focus group interview method, which is one of the qualitative research methods, was used in the research. Sample; It is limited to 28 people who graduated from a Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School in Istanbul Province, Bağcılar District, in the 2019-2020 academic year. As a result, it was concluded that the students who graduated by taking the (BDGT) course could not achieve sufficient gains, and that the course hours could be increased and made more efficient so that the students could graduate well-equipped.
Keywords: Graphic Design, Computer Aided Graphic design, Typography, Color, BDGT