Ulakbilge - Sosyal Bilimler Dergisi
Cilt 7, Sayı 37  2019/6  (ISSN: 2148-0451, E-ISSN: )

NO Makale Adı

According to the historical development of digital technology, which started with the production of the first computer, the spread of computers to every area of life has gained momentum. Digital arts, blended with computer technologies, have changed in terms of the presentation to art-lovers with the help of development of software technologies, production, internet and social media. Nowadays, artists who produce creations with traditional methods also need to use technology while they are in production or presenting the work to art lovers. From this point of view, the aim of this study is to examine how digital media artists use social media and how artists get efficiency on social media platforms in terms of the effect of social media on new generation artists. The data were collected by Ritetag software which can retrieve and analyze user data from social media platforms. Some of the findings obtained from the research are as follows: a) If the artists share the time periods in which social media platforms are heavily used, they get high interaction, b) If the artists use popular hashtags, they get high interaction, c) If the artists share posts at the time periods in which art galleries uses social media platforms intensively, the artists interact more with art galleries.

Keywords: Art, Artist, Social Media, Internet, Technology, Digital Arts