Ulakbilge - Sosyal Bilimler Dergisi
Cilt 6, Sayı 26  2018/7  (ISSN: 2148-0451, E-ISSN: )

NO Makale Adı

From the traces of the first being to mankind, the day-to-day, the abstract system of thought has created a culture full of material and spiritual gifts. Archeology knowledge also contributes to understanding the past by means of traces of this man-made cultural artifact and thus to making sense of the present. The information and data obtained from the archeological science are utilized in all areas of science. The field of art, on the other hand, is nourished from this culture while it emerges as a result of human culture, and its sources are often provided by archeology. Ceramic material has a distinct place in archaeological finds. The characteristics of the material give important information about life and technology. Ever since the Neolithic period, ceramics have been one of the most important parts of human culture with its continuous use. In this study, studies of three different ceramic artists, İrfan Aydın, Şirin Koçak Özeskici and Ayşe Balyemez, which reflect the effects of the cultural heritage in our country, were examined. In the works of each artist, which are shaped by archaeological data, the processes of creating an artistic language and the ways of using the material are examined. The studies are handled on the axis of culture they cultivate. In their works some of the artists, who sometimes question the value of old stories, sometimes a trace, and some of the time, have also been included in their own expressions.
Keywords: Archaeology, Ceramic, Art, İrfan Aydın, Şirin Koçak Özeskici, Ayşe Balyemez