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Cilt 6, Sayı 24  2018/5  (ISSN: 2148-0451, E-ISSN: )
Bayram DEDE

NO Makale Adı

Existentialism is one of the most important movements of thought in the twentieth century. Existentialist thought that centered on human imagery, is still maintained even today. This movement which influences many part of life, even in nowadays confronts us everywhere in life. Existentialist themes will be processed until human exist. While existentialism denies all history, it doesn't appoint its position in future. It goes between being and non-being under the pressure of the idea that human's position in space and time is a just coincidence. Spiritual possibilities which it have, open the door of depression instead of being guide to it. It has lost in the mist of despair, and notion of making a sense of life remains in suspense. While existentialism mentions a dumped to the world and despair of human, it doesn't put in order uncertain function and position of an entity. Individual who gets lonely, walks in dark cloisters where individual is weak, disconnected to history, desperate. Individual always tries to understand him/herself in nature and in the world. Whilst existentialism takes effect in literature and philosophy, is it also effective in sculpture art? These effects and their dimensions constitute the purpose of this study. To find these effects makes easier to trace, to understand, and to interrogate literary and philosophical reflections. As so in some movement thought, we labeled some artworks as ''Existentialism'' even if not directly effects. Although to a lesser extent, artists can be influenced by it in the view of life and theme which artists works on. Especially, there are two artists who produce their artworks proper to existentialism. As a result of the literature reviews Giocometti's artworks gives us the best samples of existentialist art. Besides that we can say Rodin's artwork is in the same division which is known as '' Le Penseur''. Thus, it is seen that Existentialism is also effective in the art of sculpture.

Keywords: Existentialism, Philosophy, Statue