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Cilt 6, Sayı 20  2018/1  (ISSN: 2148-0451, E-ISSN: )

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1516259641 Building Collective Memory Through Historical Dokumentaries (Sample Of Abdülhamid. II.)

Nowadays it is remarkable that history has been reinterpreted and retransmitted by means of visual elements or organizing discourse. Cinema is recognized as one of the most efficient means of communication and representation in the creation of collective memory and also among the types of films documentaries are accepted as the most important type in the creation of the collective memory.When focused on documentary films about historical issues and events, it can be observed that collective memory is created through messages and information is given to present and future generations. In this context, historical documentaries can be seen as an important instrument within the scope of collective memory. Historical events are revealed by means of documentary film narratives, collective memory is kept alive and this seems to be worth considering in the context of the creation of collective memory.This study covers reconstruction of the history through documentaries, reminding of past with rhetoric and creation of collective memory and keeping it alive. Our aim in the sample of "Abdülhamid II." documentaries is to display the period of Abdulhamit with a new and different perspective that collective memory was created through these documentaries. "Abdülhamid II." documentaries and their rhetoric are taken as an example in this study and from the viewpoint of Fairclough, Wodak and Dijk critical discourse analysis has been done and in this context it is claimed that collective memory is created in documentaries.

Keywords: Collective memory, documentary, history, fiction, Time, Place, Remembering, Message,