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Cilt 5, Sayı 17  2017/9  (ISSN: 2148-0451, E-ISSN: )
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Bauhaus carried out a mission which undertook in Germany, and acquited itself well. A success being carried out by Bauhaus, brought a rightful fame to itself. A source of the success underlies developing a distinctive understanding with the expect of existent concept in the field of art and design education. This new concept brought a new way out, new multidimensional perspective, new breath to art education by creating a world-wide and point of view of Bauhaus' systematic. Interrogations of a social, a sense of art and a dynamics of history have been underlying in both the culture of Bauhaus and world art culture. Bauhaus was closed so as to not open in 1933. Some educators were taken to camps, but others tried to revive the spirit of Bauhaus in America by achieving to escape to other shore of Atlantic. This case became a big profit for America while a lost for Europe.Contribution of scientists, educators, philosophers, artists who escaped from Europe, was an important for America in rising in the world. That case is similar with Ionian philosophers and scientists became central for Athens by escaping after being destroyed Ionia buildings by Persians. What were the lessons held by Bauhaus educators in the field of art and design? What were the effects felt afterwards? In this case the effects were full-scale. Laszlo and Moholy-Nagy participated in New Bauhaus Chicago School (1937-1946) where Josef Albers gave a lesson in preparatory in Black Mountain Collage (1936-1940). Then they were assigned in Harvard architecture school, and achieved many success in many field here by performing principles of Bauhaus.

Keywords: Art, Design, Industry