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Cilt 5, Sayı 16  2017/8  (ISSN: 2148-0451, E-ISSN: )

NO Makale Adı

New York is most crowded city in United States. One of most intensive trade centers worldwide thanks to it’s a port city and also, it has a significant position in terms of international reletionships because of hosting to United Nations. In brief, New York has significant as much as -even more at some cases- Washington, which is capital, in United States. However, its important must not be restricted with only these; New York is art center of United States, therewithal. Furthermore, not only in America, we can mention it as a world art city through its art museums and galleries. New York has could become one of centers conducted art movements around the world thanks to Manhattan, in which a lot of painter live, Greenwich Village -bohemian life reigns on there-, and of course two great museums sheltered world art heritage. We can say a lot of factors faciliated New York’s task throughout achievement, no doupt. For example, New York could get a huge treasure that includes aesthetic values of different cultures thanks to it’s a migrants city, without endeavoring. On the other way, admirable side of New York is its mastery on evaluating the chance. In this way, New York could make history as a brilliant example demonstrating a country, which refered as leader of industry and capitalism of 20th century, can be successful, unexpectedly on art area, too. How to explain a magnificent art center, which is envied by all world, occured in United States of America that got rid of both of 1. and 2. World War almost without forfeits and arised not only econimically but also on industry? The article would explain what the key elements, important historical bends are. At the same time, we would try to effectuate an awareness on causes of deviation at modern art history in 1940s.

Key Words: New York, war, art, cultural diplomacy, museology