Ulakbilge - Sosyal Bilimler Dergisi
Cilt 5, Sayı 13  2017/5  (ISSN: 2148-0451, E-ISSN: )
Yakup GELİR, Mehmet TÜTAK

NO Makale Adı

The reflection of modernism in Turkish novels took place late compared to that in the European ones. Yusuf Atılgan who is well known for Aylak Adam, Anayurt Oteli and Canistan novels has been considered one of the writers that accelerated this process.Yusuf Atılgan is one of the pioneers of the modernist novel in the Turkish literature. What makes Yusuf Atılgan important for his modernist approach is that he uses narrative technics such as stream of consciousness, interior monolog and free association, which are mainly found in the modernist novels. He also uses the themes of loneliness and alienation to examine inner worlds of the characters and psychological factors that shape the personalities of them. The forms and the technics of the modernist approach can be found in the main characters of Aylak Adam and Anayurt Oteli, C. and Zebercet, respectively. Atılgan not only focuses on the modernist approach, but also he emphasises individualism and uses a discourse built on this aspect. Therefore, this makes him an important figure in the Turkish literature. This study explores modernist features in the works Yusuf Atılgan who is a prominent writer in the Turkish literature. It indicates how these features are consistent with his works.

Key Words: Modernism, modernist novel, Yusuf Atılgan, Aylak Adam, Anayurt Oteli.